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Finally our blog title makes sense: Thoughts of Spring 2013

Master of Minimalism.
This is it.
We’re done. Everyone can go home.

Okay, maybe I am being slightly dramatic and overhyping this collection…nah.
I don’t think I am.

How can this collection feel like Jil has never even left?
I’m looking at it and I’m not thinking “Oh this is how Jil designs for 2013…compared to 99, 04, whatever.”
No. Jil is Jil. Changes to her designs are so subtle, she’s not striving to be futuristic or ahead of everyone. (she doesn’t need to strive to be ahead of everyone lbr cause she is).
The colour palette is beautiful, perfect for the summer.
The designs are so gentle and clean, you don’t need any fuckery or crazy prints to grab attention.
Everything is light.
Some people might complain that this is too plain and well…maybe compared to Raf’s laffy-taffy couture wear, it might be.
But I don’t think it is.
This is Jil’s first womenswear collection ever since her return.
She’s building up momentum. She’s probing her ground.
It has been years, after all.
But look at her…she still has it :’)
There’s no other way but up for the label. 


Jil Sander Spring/Summer 2013

Jil Sander S/S 2013